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Why Visit The Atlantic Bedding And Furniture Store?
There are a host of large chain retail furniture stores in Birmingham AL. However, not all of them are as good as the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. It is a part of a small chain of exclusive furniture stores that provide great services, better products and an amazing furniture buying experience. You would be surprised to know that even though we are a relatively small furniture store, we still have the best variety that you would be finding in the market. We keep everything from mass produced modern furniture to the handmade antique furniture that can be used for your homes as well as offices. You would likely not find this variety anywhere else. All the products showcased at the store are carefully handpicked to make sure that the customers get only the best.
Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store is undoubtedly one of the best furniture stores in Birmingham AL. The average customer footfall and sales figures shows this tendency clearly. However, we do not boast about the number of sales we make. We simply believe in providing the most amazing quality of furniture to our clients and that too at very reasonable rates. Our motto is to make sure that you never have to worry about buying the right kind of furniture or spending a fortune for this purpose. You would always be able to find the best quality furniture at our store. We are proud to provide you with products that would stay in your house for years and provide you the most amazing looks and interior design ideas as well. The furniture store had very humble beginnings when Todd and Christine Tononi decided to start a furniture store that could provide quality products to the people of Charleston, South Carolina. This gave birth to the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store in 2006. Since then, the store has opened a number of branches across the country. Even though we are a chain retail store, you would always get to enjoy our small independent store looks and prices.
Our range has also grown since then and now we provide bedding and mattresses as well. We keep an eclectic mix of independent furniture labels and well as our in-house bedding and furniture labels apart from some of the best furniture and mattress brands in the country. We are one of the only furniture stores in Birmingham AL that keep brands like Simmons, Serta, Coaster, Hughes, Harden, Motion Eaze, Bernand’s, Powell, River Forks, Klaussner, Fairmont Designs, Homelegance, Vintage Verandah, Sealy, Old Town Imports and Symbol amongst many others. With this huge variety, all you have to do is come and select the best furniture for your house and go out as a happy customer.
We also understand that it might become a little difficult for you to find the right furniture at our furniture stores Birmingham AL. This is the reason why we have an excellent sales staff as well. No matter what you need, simply let our sales staff know about your preferences and they would be finding the most appropriate matches within no time. Even if you are not sure of what you want, you can depend upon the experience of our sales staff to find out the best for you. We have employed a group of highly experienced sales staff that know the most when it comes to furniture. You don’t have to hesitate while talking to them. They are not the typical pushy salespersons who would be making you buy a particular brand because they receive incentives for the same. They would be helping you in choosing the best and paying great attention to the fact that you get the material of your choice within your budget. You can easily share your demands, doubts and concerns with the staff and they would be making sure that no question gets unanswered.
If you are looking for a furniture closeout, overstock and liquidation furniture Birmingham AL, then you must definitely visit the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. We are one of the most versatile furniture stores Birmingham AL. No matter what kind of furniture you intend to buy, we have it all. You can simply visit our store and let us know what you need. You can always be sure that you would be finding the desired furniture at great prices. The cost of furniture at the furniture stores in Pelham AL can be quite high because they have many overheads to take care of and take sales figures very seriously. However, with the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store, you don’t have to worry about these issues. We do not keep highly inflated price tags for the goods kept in our store. We reduce our overheads so that you can get better prices. Our sole motto is customer satisfaction and not the increase in sales figures. This is the reason why we would be providing you with the best costs.
You can always come to our furniture stores in Pelham AL to find some great deals and offers. We have monthly offers, discounted items as well as financing options which would definitely be helping you in finding the right kind of furniture for your house. You never have to worry about the price when you are with us. Just select the furniture you like and we would be making sure that it fits within your budget. Get furniture for all rooms of your house, whether in sets or as individual pieces. We would also be providing you with some excellent design concepts that would help you in bringing your rooms to life. All you would have to do is leave all the furniture stores in Pelham AL behind and visit the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. We would be bringing the best quality products, the best services and the best customer support as well. We believe that a sale would not end our business with you but would start a new relationship that would last forever. Check out our catalog today!

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